India is going to receive a technical assistance of US $14 million from the UNDP to strengthen its leather, fibre and handicrafts sections. The UNDP and the government of India signed two US $7 million agreements, one to support fibre and handicrafts sector and the second for leather industry. The programme aims at reducing poverty by providing employment generation and developing production and marketing skills of the farmers. Recycling of jute products waste, eco-friendly tanning process for the leather industry and the use of natural dyes will also be encouraged.

An allocation of $1.1 million has been made to drought affected Chad to develop a national programme to improve its water management. The aim is to establish a water resource data base and legislative mechanisms for monitoring water use. In 1990, Chad had designed a 10-year-plan to improve its water management, but failed to achieve any results due to lack of expertise and coordination. In the current programme, training will also be imparted to local staff to maximise results.

The Government of Malawai and the UNDP have signed a $4.4 million agreement to boost employment and small and medium sized industries. Increase in access to credit, technology and markets will be the aim of the five-year programme. Along with this, the programme will also assist in policy analysis and training and preparation of a national strategy. According to a UN spokesperson in Malawai, the effort will help the country go a long way in making the poor of the country, who account for 65 per cent of the population self-dependent.

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