Rapid geohydrological appraisal of Purainee and Orlaha villages, Supaul district, Bihar

This report based on a rapid hydro-geological appraisal of 2 villages, in Supaul distict in flood-prone North Bihar, gives a good understanding of local conditions as well generates a lot of useful data, that can help in planning groundwater management interventions in a village. Such information is crucial especially for regions such as North Bihar, where current data about the local conditions are literally absent. The study report has details of the background of the area, methodology, topography, drainage, hydrogeology, water quality, drinking water sources, as well 3-D GIS-based graphical representation of the spatial distribution of the above groundwater parameters in the two study villages - Orlaha and Purainee, and ends with some recommendations for planning the groundwater-based drinking water interventions in the area based on the study findings.