Stones at stones worth

a new process to make diamonds, which are not only the woman's best friend, but also of immense use in industrial processes, could cut the cost of producing the stone drastically. Industries use diamonds as tips of boring bits, among other things, as it is the hardest substance on Earth.

Diamond, a form of carbon, is the hardest substance known to us. It can be used to make a host of things from oil drill bits to brake pads. But making industrial quality diamonds is an expensive process using high pressure and high temperature to convert another form of carbon into diamond. A unique crystalline arrangement of carbon atoms in diamond gives it hardness and lustre to it. Now, researchers at the Drexel University in Texas, usa , have developed a method to produce diamond films that could be used in coating brake pads or other devices. They used silicon carbide as the basic raw material to produce diamonds. Though other processes of conversion have been known, all of them require extreme conditions, thus adding to the costs of producing diamonds. The diamonds produced by this method are minute

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