Relocating to resuscitate

Fishing, boat traffic and industrial effluents have put the rare Chinese Yangtze river dolphins at risk. But there is hope on the horizon for these aquatic creatures with Chinese scientists chalking out a plan to save the species.

According to the plan, the endangered dolphins would be captured by professional fisherfolk and then released in a protected reserve. Scientists believe the dolphins can be protected only by moving them out of the polluted Yangtze river. However, some experts aver that simply relocating the dolphins won't help them. They also highlight the heavy costs involved in implementing the scheme.

The rescue plan would cost around us $6 million. According to it, 50 professional fisherfolk would be hired to search a 1,700-kilometre stretch of the Yangtze and capture the dolphins using nets. The captured animals would then be released in the Tian'erzhou nature reserve.