Wind will power Norway

A plan to build 26 windmills in Maasoey, in the northern Norwegian county of Finnmark, has been approved, giving the go-ahead for the construction of the country's biggest windmill park, reported the Reuters news agency. The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) also said it would grant the developer, Norsk Miljoekraft Maasoey AS, investment subsidies for the power plant. The wind power plant will have an installed capacity of 39 megawatts. It will produce an estimated 150 gigawatt (billion watts) hours (GWh) per year. Norway's total annual wind power output is about 40 GWh. "NVE has approved the plan because the wind power resources in the area are good, the production costs are moderate and the location based on the infrastructure is good,' the directorate has stated. "The environmental impact of the project is also acceptable... There has been great local support for the project,' the agency added. Development of wind power resources and subsidies to such projects are in line with a government plan to encourage investments in renewable energy sources in Norway.

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