Killing the Musi river

the Musi river flowing through Andhra Pradesh will soon disappear due to the state government's Nandanvanam project. The government is planning to utilise the dry river bed of Musi for various purposes such as creating amusement parks, commercial complexes and construction of a road.

The project is being strongly opposed by the citizens of Hyderabad. According to them, the state government in the name of beautifying and cleaning the Musi river was in fact aiming at forcibly evicting poor people living on the river banks since decades. They further added that the project means wasting public money and will only benefit private contractors and corrupt politicians who have total disregard for the environmental dangers. The citizens under the aegis of the Hyderabad Bachao, a forum, have submitted a memorandum to the state chief minister. The memorandum seeks to scrap the project.

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