Rajasthan solar energy policy, 2011

The Rajasthan State will promote setting up of solar power projects. The total capacity under this category will be distributed equally between SPV and solar concentrating thermal power plants. Rajasthan has come up with an new Solar Energy Policy, named as, Rajasthan Solar Policy 2011. The State of Rajasthan receives maximum solar radiation intensity in India with very low average rainfall. It also has unutilized low cost desert land available in abundance. Therefore, Rajasthan is likely to emerge as the global hub for solar power in the country. Government of Rajasthan has already issued a Policy for harnessing Renewable Energy in Rajasthan in year 2004. Based on the progressive views adopted in past five years in respect of solar generation under this Policy, Rajasthan State is in the advanced stage of preparedness for installation of large scale Grid Interactive Solar Power Plants in next 5 to 10 years.

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