Cases on protection of lakes: Khurpa tal, Uttarakhand

Ecological degradation begun in this lake due to excessive inflow of sediments and sewage from surrounding areas and pollution caused by dumping of solid waste in the water body. From time unknown the villagers of Khurpa tal (leaving downhill of the lake) is dependent on the springs generated below the Khurpa tal. Construction of a new housing project adjacent to the Khurpatal by the Army Welfare Housing Organization (AWHO) caused afresh hue and cry among the villagers in the surrounding area. Dr. Ajay S. Rawat, Professor of History in Kumaon University filed a PILagainst the illegal boring of groundwater in the area January, 2009. AWHO announced a launch of a building project in the area this year. Khurpa tal being located only 10 km from the Nainital town is also a favorite tourist destination. The constructors had already bought land very near to Khurpatal back in 2000-2001 and started boring wells in the area. The villagers in the area use the lake water for farming.