Final draft of Sikkim ecotourisn policy and guidelines

The main objectives of Sikkim Ecotourism Policy are. Bring all stakeholders on a common platform of understanding of ecotourism; Promote ecotourism in a sustainable manner based on the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC); Generate incentives to local communities for nature conservation through alternative income sources and livelihood, and empower local communities to manage ecotourism with the emphasis on economically disadvantaged people; Conserve the existing biodiversity, ecosystems and religious monuments of the state of Sikkim as well as Sikkim people’s culture and tradition;  Offer memorable and high quality learning experience to visitors, thus encouraging their responsible behavior during their visits and their collaboration for nature conservation efforts; Facilitate local children as well as visitors’ to enjoy and appreciate excellent nature- based activities;  Encourage people in Sikkim to increase their pride and appreciation of local natural and cultural values;  Ensure that local communities have a role in determining the appropriate presentation of their cultural values; and  Regulate the high influx of visitors in heavily visited areas, thus reducing negative impacts of tourism.