Strategic plan for new and renewable energy sector for the period of 2011-17

MNRE has initiated systematic programmes for renewables including for research and development. Renewable energy is currently experiencing increasing vibrancy across all sectors of the economy driven by sustained economic growth and growing global concerns regarding climate change. There are various stakeholders that directly/indirectly contribute towards the promotion of renewable energy, and each one has some aspirations and expectations from this sector, just as they have a significant responsibility. This is in a way laying foundation of a new economy that is inclusive, sustainable and aspires for decarbonization of energy in a definite time frame. However, there is a long way to go. In order to create an enabling environment, the Ministry as a policy maker will have a significant contribution to make. While policy and budgetary support for renewable energy have progressively increased over the years, particularly for large scale grid connected power, there continue to exist many barriers that hinder up- scaling of renewable energy deployment. And perhaps more importantly, some critical gaps remain, particularly for decentralized distribution in the areas of access to capital, technology development & adaptation, innovation induction, and strategies to up-scale deployment. The Implementation Plan that has been proposed in this Strategic Plan along with the process and tools for measuring success of the implementation plan will facilitate achievement of the ambitious targets and aspirational goals proposed.

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