Assessing mammal distribution and abundance in intricate eastern Himalayan habitats of Khangchendzonga, Sikkim, India

We assessed distribution and abundance of mammals in dense, rugged eastern Himalayan habitats of Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve (BR), Sikkim, India, from April 2008 to May 2010, using field methods and remote cameras under varying rain and snow conditions. We report the occurrence of 42 mammals including 18 species that have high global conservation significance. Three leopards (Panthera uncia, Panthera pardus, Neofelis nebulosa), Tibetan wolf (Canis lupus chanco), wild dog (Cuon alpinus), red panda (Ailurus fulgens), Asiatic black bear (Ursus thibetanus), and two musk deer species (Moschus chrysogaster, M. fuscus) were recorded.

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