People`s power

A MAJORITY of panchayats and municipalities throughout Kerala are soon expected to approve draft projects drawn up by the people's plan campaign. The plan, which had commenced in August 1996, has reached its final stage in the state. Authorities said in Thiruvananthapurarn recently that the campaign had an overwhelming response: over 30 lakh people had directly participated in deciding what projects and schemes they needed in their respective localities during the Ninth Plan period.

The draft plan drawn up by the panchayats and municipalities would be discussed at length by gram sabhas in rural: areas and ward committees in thdi municipalities. The panchayats would place before gram sabhas their draft plans clearly spelling out their developmental strategy and details of each and every scheme as well as its cost. Discussions would take place in groups devoted to each sector of development. The group concerned would study the details of the schemes and would take decision as to how well the schemes could be implemented with people's participation and cooperation.

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