Sikkim action plan on climate change (2012-2030)

The government of Sikkim, has taken a very systematic and proactive approach towards the formulation of the state action plan to address climate change. First, a High Level Coordination Committee was formulated with secretaries of different departments as members under the chairmanship of the Secretary Department of Science and Technology, who is also the focal point climate change in the state of Sikkim on 2010. Next the Department of Science and technology along with the Rural development and management department of Sikkim, undertook a study in early 2010 to identify the vulnerability of the various rural communities in the 4 districts of the state due to climate change (Tambe et al., 2011, under communication). The results of this study indicated that there exists a differential level of vulnerability of the rural communities in the different districts of Sikkim having various levels of adaptive capacities, with the southern districts being the most vulnerable with least capacities to adapt to climate change. It concluded that a massive support would be required to climate proof the communities, especially in terms of their livelihoods that are climate dependent.

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