Warning to erring units

the environment department of the Delhi government has issued stern warnings to industrial units in the capital asking them to follow the guidelines formulated by the government or face punitive action. In a letter to the units, Rajiv Talwar, secretary, environment, cautioned them not to take the government's anti-pollution drive lightly and conform to the stipulations laid down by the government at the earliest.

The government has already directed coal-run plants to switch over to oil by December 31, 1999. Other industrial associations have been told to begin work on setting up common effluent treatment plants (cetp s ) in their areas within a month, failing which they will face action. As of now, there are about 25,000 industrial units in the capital. With no cept s, industrial effluents find their way into drains and finally into the Yamuna river. The cept s will be set up at Mayapuri, Wazirpur, G T Karnal Road, Okhla, Naraina, Badli and sma industrial areas.

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