A 41-page critical study by 2 independent inspec- tors says that UN development agencies have bungled science and technology (5& T) projects in Africa.

Evaluating 16 projects, the inspectors argue that a vague definition of 5&T is at the heart of the UN system's failure. The organisation's penchant for treating 5&T projects separately, instead of keeDina them as specific components in a broader sector, has been held largely responsible for the mess.

Inadequate infrastructure. weak financial support. duplication of efforts and insufficient prior analysis of the projects by the UN and its agencies have compounded the problem.(IPS) Women in the Gulf deserve better education: this verdict was passed at a 4-day for women in this region. An alarmingly high percentage of girls are pulled out of primary education here. owing mainly to poverty. traditional values and poor teaching performances. says the UNICEF.

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