Jharkhand action plan on climate change: draft

Jharkhand action plan on climate change: draft Climate change is proving out to be one of the greatest challenge faced by the global community today. The analysis of past trends and current erratic behaviour in climatic events shows that changes being experienced in the climate of Jharkhand are the proof of natural climate variability prevailing in the state. Many studies for the state show that the Jharkhand is in precarious situation due to its high climate sensitivity and vulnerability, combined with low adaptive capacity. The state is already suffering due to its high dependence on mineral resources. Further the forest and water resources in the State are facing threat due to industrial and urban growth and being uneven in distribution both temporally and spatially. Hence the challenge of climate change calls for appropriate, evidence based and coherent policy response, followed by the adequate action that can help reduce its vulnerability and build resilience of the various sectors of the state in the context of climate change impacts.

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