Curb diabetes

Curb diabetes medicinal food might just replace the pill that diabetics need to take before every meal. Studies carried out by us researchers have shown the extract of a woody climber, Salacia oblonga, taken as part of the diet regulates the blood sugar levels in a way similar to that achieved by anti-diabetic drugs. The plant is found in India (locally called ponkoranti) and Sri Lanka.

Scientists at the Ohio State University tested Salacia on 39 healthy volunteers, who were given a study beverage containing fat, carbohydrate, protein and 500 milligramme (mg), 700 mg or 1,000 mg of the plant extract. Some were given the drink without Salacia and they constituted the control group. Blood glucose and serum insulin were measured for everyone right after taking the beverage and also 2 hours later. Similarly, the hydrogen in exhaled breath

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