Order of the National Green Tribunal on mining activity on the banks of rivers dated 05/08/2013

  • 05/08/2013

The issue relating to environmental degradation arising out of sand mining was raised before the Hon’ble National Green Tribunal, New Delhi on 5th August, 2013 by the National Green Tribunal Bar Association.

Sand MiningThe Applicants, inter alia, contended that the large scale illegal and impermissible mining activity going on, on the bank of the Yamuna, Ganga, Chambal , Gaumti and Revati rivers amongst othersis causing serious threat to the flow of the river , forests upon the bank of the rivers and most seriously to the environment of these areas.

See Also: Application of the National Green Tribunal Bar Association illegal sand mining in the Yamuna riverbed, August 2013

An analytical brief of NGT order on sand mining dated 05/08/2013 by Trust Legal


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