Citizen’s report: air quality and mobility in Kolkata

As India has yet to build much of its projected urban transport infrastructure, this presents a challenge as well as an opportunity. The new investment if guided by the principles of sustainability can make a lot of difference. The question that India needs to ask is whether it will be able to see the turn around soon in its cities. The infrastructure, once built, can not be reversed, and it begins to determine the commuting choices in the city. Cities need swift and incisive action, and share the collective wisdom and understanding of what is needed to protect public health and avert energy guzzling through sustainable mobility practices. Cities can have the conversation on their unique challenges and solutions. This series of citizens’ report on city action has been initiated facilitate this conversation. This report on grassroots action on clean air and mobility in the Capital city of Kolkata is third in the series that looks at the challenges of one of the prominent metro cities in the country.