Odisha state disaster management plan 2013

Efficient disaster management calls for meticulous planning. The paradigm shift in management of disasters from Reactive Approach of Relief, Restoration and Rehabilitation to the Pro-active Approach of Planning, Preparedness and Prevention revalidates the need for strengthening the planning process as well as the institutional mechanism for planning. Section 23 of the Disaster Management Act 2005 provides for preparation of State Disaster Management Plan. Disaster preparedness and response have been spearheaded in the State by Odisha State Disaster Management Authority through planning at different levels of administration. Disaster Management plans have been prepared from the village to the district level for effective management of disasters. Though disasters in different parts of the state are closely monitored at the state level with keen involvement of all stakeholders, the present State Disaster Management Plan further strengthens the process of disaster management through response protocols developed by the Departments of the Government. Besides, the State Disaster Management Plan also covers the essential attributes of disaster management like capacity building and technology approach to disaster management.

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