Draft Meghalaya State Water Policy 2013

The overall objective of the Meghalaya Water Policy is to “ensure that water is used efficiently, shared equitably, managed sustainably, governed transparently and contributing to improving the health and livelihoods of all citizens”. To attain this, the Water Policy aims at ensuring that appropriate systems and measure are in place to balance the following specific objectives: Meeting the basic water and sanitation needs so that all inhabitants of the State can live healthy lives; Effectively harnessing water resources for economic development and for ensuring the livelihoods and incomes of all inhabitants of the State; Ensuring that water resources are protected, maintained, improved and utilised sustainably, so that future generations can enjoy them; Ensuring that ecosystem integrity and land productivity is maintained and minimum ecological water requirements are met; Enhancing the resilience to disasters and the impacts of climate change; and Ensuring good governance, transparency, inclusion, equity and participation in the water resource planning and management.

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