Puducherry Industrial Policy 2013

The formulation of a new Industrial Policy with the goal to create a pollution-free, less water intensive and employment-oriented sustainable industrial growth has been engaging the attention of the Government for quite some time. Accordingly a draft Industrial Policy 2012 had been formulated and notified vide No.026800/DID (Ind. & Com.)/2012-A, dated 28-11-2012 and published in the Extraordinary Gazette Part–I, No. 104, dated 14-12-2012 and also hosted in the official website of Government of Puducherry, inviting comments/views of the public and the valuable inputs/suggestions given by the stakeholders had been incorporated in the new industrial policy. His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor is now therefore pleased to release the “Industrial Policy 2013” which is appended to this Order. The Department of Industries and Commerce shall formulate guidelines wherever required for implementing the schemes.