Environmental degradation of the Coimbatore Wetlands in the Noyyal River Basin

Conservation of the lakes can significantly enhance the much wanted and rapidly declining underground water availability in and around the growing city of Coimbatore. This was one of the major ecological functions of the lakes possibly conceived by the far-sighted Tamil kings in the past. 800 years old wetland which serves ecosystem services for both human and environment, are been greed by human for the selfishness, Today all the wetland in and around Coimbatore are highly polluted. In fact, there are worrying signs that wetlands – and the services they provide us with – are being lost at a higher rate than some other ecosystem types. A study reveals that by 2025, 48 % of the world will live in water stressed regions (WRI). Once these intimate linkages are damaged or destroyed, it is rarely possible to restore or recreate them.