Economic survey, Jammu and Kashmir 2013-14

With ‘unsatisfactory’ growth, the industrial sector in Jammu and Kashmir is in constant decline leaving the state much behind the rest of India in industrialization, government data says. The Economic Survey 2013-14 prepared and released by the Jammu and Kashmir government recently says that though the share of industry to Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) is 23.50 percent, as per advanced estimates, for 2013-14, but it is constantly decreasing. Low growth in industry, the report says, estimated at 3.79 percent for 2013-14 compared to 9.77 percent for 2006-07. The industrial economy even squeezed in 2010-11 with growth rate going down to -2.58 percent. The report also points out that apart from these factors the share of industry in employment is very less especially in rural areas.

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