Goa ground water policy 2013: draft

Goa is one of the foremost states to implement the Goa ground water Regulation Act, 2A02 (Goa Act 1 of 2002). Government has already notified the Ground Water Officers for North and South districts of Goa and also the Ground Water Cell under the chairmanship of Chief Engineer, WRD. Government of Goa has also made rules under the Act. Government had notified the urban areas, industrial areas and coastal areas as scheduled areas under the act in 2007 . However in 2012 whole Goa has been notified as the scheduled area. Government has also made rules under the Act to charge rates for drawal and transportation of ground water under different uses. Government has also made rules to register all the drilling companies which will be drilling borewells in the state. Though the overall ground water utilization is safe, there are some localized stressed areas as follows: lndustrial Areas, Coastal areas, Urban areas, and Mining areas. Hence the need of a comprehensive ground water policy which aims at development of ground water on a sustainable basis, regulating it and also managing it in a professional manner to prevent its pollution and degradation.

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