The United Nations World Water Development Report 2014 : Water and Energy

The United Nations World Water Development Report 2014 : Water and Energy The World Water Development Report 2014 focuses on the interdependence between the management of water and energy and says that a sustainable approach to the management of both freshwater and energy resources is extremely essential to provide modern, affordable and environmentally sound energy and drinking water services for all. The WWDR 2014 marks the transition of the series to an annual publication cycle with a theme for each year – ‘Water and Energy’ for 2014. This edition of the Report seeks to inform decision-makers within and beyond the water–energy nexus about the interconnections and interdependencies between water and energy; the inevitable trade-offs experienced when providing water and energy for basic human needs and to support sustainable development; and the need for appropriate responses that account for both water and energy priorities, particularly in the context of post-2015 targets on increasing access to water and energy. It provides a detailed overview of major and emerging trends from around the world, with examples of how some of these have been addressed and the implications for policy-makers, and actions that can be taken by various stakeholders and the international community. Like the earlier editions, the WWDR 2014 contains country-level case studies describing the progress made in meeting water- and energy-related objectives. This edition also presents a Data and Indicators Annex of 41 indicators, which benchmark actual conditions and highlight trends related to water and energy around the world.


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