Adapting climate impacted agriculture in South Asia

There is a limited understanding of the nature of impacts of climate change on various sectors that affect the livelihoods of the people of South Asia and how communities should adapt. Further, policy issues of the climate risk management are not limited to the issue of adaptation alone, but have to be scrutinized in the context of development. The people of South Asia have been living with a changing environment for centuries, but now the changes are likely to be rapid, more frequent and pro-longed. Agriculture being the main stay of South Asian economy and livelihood of the people, there is an imminent threat to the food security of the region. Given this background, this desk study attempts to: Analyze most recent impacts of climatic variations on ecosystems and implications on agriculture and its relation to food security; Assess the impact on regional food security due to potential mitigation co-benefits; and Identify the various linkages of agriculture sector with adaptation planning in the region and recommend how the gaps can be addressed.

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