South Asia

  • 14/10/2006

Shrimp trade marred: Shrimp, the second largest export commodity from Bangladesh to the European Union (EU), might lose its huge market, as the group is considering blacklisting a good number of Bangladeshi shrimp exporters. The commission has detected the presence of nitrofurazone, a chemical used to store shrimp in the long term, in 22 consignments originating from Bangladesh during the last eight months. In a recent letter to the Bangladesh ministry of commerce, the EU has sought information about measures taken by the government in recent months to address the recurrence of nitrofurazone in shrimp consignments. The EU and the US have banned the chemical over fears that it may result in birth defects and cancer.

Fishing zone: In an issue related to compensation for bad weather, Mauritian fisherfolk have agreed on a zoning method with the government. According to the agreement, the government will retain its existing zoning system, but will also allow fishermen to go fishing both inside and outside their designated zones.

All fishermen who register to go fishing outside their areas will be granted bad weather allowance equivalent to 15 days a month. Besides, the criterion for the allowance will no longer be the speed of the wind but the state of the sea. The fisherfolk had been opposing the government's decision to divide the island into four regions for bad weather allowances.

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