Future proofing Indian cities: Bangalore action plan for water and sanitation infrastructure

The purpose of the action plan is to provide the tools to plan Bangalore’s resilience, as well as the capacity to
act among city leaders, infrastructure 
and service providers and amongst the community. The urban diagnostic and 
the subsequent action planning has demonstrated that water and sanitation are fundamental to the present and 
future health and resilience of Bangalore. Therefore the action plan focuses on these issues, aiming to: provide an example of a key sector at risk and demonstrate the wide-ranging and interlinked impacts of current issues and future pressures; help organisations and stakeholders to identify the key issues, challenges and the current and future impact on the communities and city’s prosperity – and see how their role in the future management of water and sanitation can be framed in the light of these challenges; demonstrate how their existing and future goals, plans and investments can be informed by this action plan; make the case for mobilisation of resources to unlock and address the vulnerabilities; and identify groups and organisations who are stakeholders in the management of the water supply and sanitation and who can help to implement the action plan.