Public-private partnerships in climate finance

Public-private partnerships in climate finance While public actors have a responsibility to deploy climate finance, it is clear that the contribution from the private sector needs to be significant. Consequently, a strong public commitment is needed to engage with the private sector and ensure climate finance is leveraged and deployed effectively. In this context, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in climate finance are a promising avenue to contribute to climate finance delivery. This report built on a literature review, case studies and stakeholder dialogue to evaluate the potential role of climate finance PPPs to: contribute to better understanding of the effective means for the public sector to leverage support from the private sector toward climate action; identify the role and potential of PPPs in climate finance, showcase examples and case studies; and apply lessons learnt to support climate negotiations and effective use of PPPs in the future. The research was carried out for the Nordic Council of Ministers by Ecofys with support from the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL).

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