Bangladesh disaster-related statistics 2015: climate change and natural disaster perspectives

The impact of climate change and natural disasters cost 43.61 lakh Bangladeshi households in disaster-prone areas Tk 18,424 crore between 2009 and 2014, said the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. In its first ever study on losses in calamities, the state agency released the report “Bangladesh Disaster-related Statistics 2015: Climate Change and Natural Disaster Perspective”.

The report said the agriculture sector suffered a loss of Tk 8,841 crore, 48 percent of the total loss. During the period, crops of 36.2 percent households surveyed were lost, livestock of 4.76 percent, poultry of 1.21 percent, fisheries of 5.82 percent, land of 26.72 percent, and houses, kitchens and cattle sheds of 17.19 percent and trees of 8.10 percent households were damaged.