Building resilience to drought: learning from experience in the Horn of Africa

This publication was compiled by the Integrated Drought Management Programme in the Horn of Africa (IDMP HOA). The aim is to share lessons learned from innovative drought and water security demonstration projects conducted by communities and partners in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. The case studies also contribute to the global IDMP programme, a joint undertaking between the Global Water Partnership (GWP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). In preparing this document, the country facilitators reviewed 10 documented case studies of interventions in drought and water security with a view to consolidating general lessons and examples of good practice that could be replicated elsewhere in the region. In each case, the facilitators assessed the background and extent of the problem and its related effects, and described the interventions and coping strategies undertaken to address the issue. They then reviewed the outcomes and drew out the lessons learned. It is hoped that these lessons will help stakeholders to deal with water scarcity in their own situations throughout the Horn of Africa.