Bihar Industrial Investment Promotion Policy, 2016

The Government of Bihar is committed for the inclusive economic development of the State. Though the state is primarily an agrarian state but contribution of secondary sector i.e. industries, in inclusive economic development of the state is of equal importance and therefore can't be ignored. The State Government has taken a series of measures to further improve the investment climate in the state and envisages achieving the industrial development growth rate of 15% per annum. This means, increase contribution of secondary sector in the GSDP to more than 25% in line with the National Manufacturing Policy and “Make in India” initiative. To achieve this goal the State Government has formulated the Industrial Investment Promotion Policy, 2016. The main strategy for achieving the goals of this policy is to focus on development of support infrastructure, prioritizing core sectors of future development with emphasis on advanced technology, skill development, a modified structured package of assistance and balanced regional development i.e. uniformly extending the benefits of investment to all geographical areas of the State. This policy also focuses on uplifting the socially marginalised groups & women entrepreneurs by offering specialized package of assistance to them.

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