Traditional uses of under-utilized tree species in sub tropical rainfed areas of Kathua, Jammu & Kashmir

Present investigation was carried out in three blocks; Hiranagar, Dinga Amb and Marheenof Kathuadistrict of Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmir located in the sub-tropical zone to identify and document the under-utilized forest tree species and their multiple traditional uses. Study revealed that people in the study area make multiple traditional uses of eight tree species which are ordinarily considered under-utilized, viz. Aegle marmelos L., Carissa spinarum L.; Cordia dichotoma var. wallichii, Ficus palmata Forsk. syn . F. virgata, Ficus roxburghii Wall.; Flacourtia indica (Burm.f.) Merr; Terminalia belerica Gaertn. Roxb. These tree species have been reported to have different uses as food, fodder, fuel, fencing, medicinal and in ethno-veterinary. Stem, bark, leaves; roots as well as fruits have been reported to have important traditional uses. Diverse medicinal properties of these tree species to overcome different problems/diseases like sun stroke, dysentery, pneumonia, cough, chest complaints, sour throat, toothache, mouth ulcers, inflammations, healing, anemia, curing urinary problems, and leucoderma have also been reported. Foliage of some identified under-utilized trees is used as vegetable and fruits and roots for making pickle. These are also used for the treatment of intestinal disorders, anoestrus and as appetizer in cattle. Wood of many under-utilized tree species is preferred for making handles of implements, panjali used in animal driven ploughs and aarlia of animal driven plough. Frequent cutting of these trees has been matter of serious concern.

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