Abiotic status of river Jhelum with special reference to its ichthyofaunal diversity

During the course of present study, the abiotic factors investigated recorded remarkable variation at each of the three study sites. While pH, NO3-N, Total Dissolved Solids, BOD and COD recorded increasing values towards the downstream sections of the river, DO, Ca and alkalinity recorded decreasing values towards the downstream areas of the river. A total of seven species belonging to two families Cyprinidae and Salmonidae were collected. While Cyprinidae is represented by five species viz., Schizothorax plagiostomus, S. curvifrons, S. esocinus, S. labiatus and Cyprinus carpio, the Salmonidae family is represented by only two species, Salmo trutta fario and Salmo gairdneri. While Schizothoracines dominated at sites II and III, Salmonids were found in abundance at site I. In this lotic system, the diversity and distribution of fishes were uneven. The un-even distribution and diversity may be due to changing water quality status.

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