Collaboration in cities: from sharing to ‘sharing economy’

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Urban Development and Services Initiative has released its new whitepaper on Collaboration in Cities: From Sharing to ‘Sharing Economy’ . This report demystifies the new sharing economy vocabulary, explains key drivers for sharing, and the opportunities for cities to engage and drive sharing practices. It also explores how cities can leverage the potential of the sharing economy in use of municipal goods, spaces, and civic assets such as the talents and skills of city residents. The report covers case studies from 10 cities around the world where sharing is already transforming the lives of citizens, including Seattle, London, New York, Melbourne, Sao Paulo, Kigali (the Capital of Rwanda), Seoul, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Kamaishi (Japan). It also addresses externalities facing the sharing economy, particularly around issues of establishing trust and ensuring security on sharing online platforms, the uncertain effects of sharing at a global scale on social equality and inclusivity, and provides recommendations.