An investigation on first outbreak of Kyasanur forest disease in Wayanad district of Kerala

As a new challenge to health scenario of Kerala, an outbreak of Kyasanur Forest Disease was reported from Wayanad and Malappuram districts of Kerala, India from January to March 2015. A study on tick vectors of Wayanad district confirmed the presence of larval and nymphal Haemaphysalis spinigera, the chief vector of KFD in the forest pastures of Pulppally area. But in other sites viz Kalpetta and Mananthavady its prevalence was found to be low. Presence of tick species like Haemaphysalis bispinosa, Haemaphysalis spinigera, Amblyomma integrum. and Boophilus(Rhipicephalus) annulatus. was also noticed from the host animals surveyed.

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