Parking management plan for residential areas in Delhi: in compliance with directions of the Hon’ble Court dated 6.3.2019 and further to EPCA report No 94

The Hon’ble Supreme Court directed on 6.3.2019 that a joint meeting of EPCA, Municipal bodies, secretaries of the transport department and Delhi Police and other incumbents/functionaries be convened to prepare a parking plan for providing both residential and commercial parking and to find out as to what kind of parking – spiral type or other, can ease out various problems caused by haphazard parking while planning the need of today as well as future requirements of Delhi be taken into consideration. This directive came as a result follow up on the earlier report that was filed by EPCA on February 15, 2019 (Report No 94) in response to the Delhi Government’s proposed amendments to the finalised (but not notified) Delhi Maintenance and Management of Parking Rules, 2017. EPCA convened a meeting on March 14, 2019 to discuss the above directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court (see Annexure 1 for list of participants). At this consultation all key implementing agencies that are involved with parking management in the city were in attendance: South Delhi Municipal Corporation, North Delhi Municipal Corporation, New Delhi Municipal Council, Delhi Development Authority, Delhi Traffic Police and Delhi Transport Department.