Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding violation of environmental norms by plastic industries in Narela and Bawana, Delhi, 24/05/2019

  • 24/05/2019

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Dr. Arun Kumar Vs Govt. of NCT of Delhi dated 24/05/2019 regarding violation of norms by plastic industries making shoe soles and other plastic goods in Narela and Bawana in Delhi. Report submitted by a committee found open dumping of waste and open burning of plastic waste, drains fully chocked by waste in absence of collection of waste generated by industries and untreated waste water from industries being directly discharged into the drains in Narela as well as Bawana industrial areas.

Industries were asked to pay compensation ranging from Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 50,000 for environmental offences such as air pollution and dumping of garbage. SDM has been asked to recover the damages as arrears of the land revenue. A policy has been framed for recovery of compensation. In a surprise inspection, no open burning was seen. NGT directs a further action taken report in the matter of actual closure of the defaulting units and recovery of compensation as assessed to be filed by the DPCC within three months.