ICT to plant over 100,000 saplings in rural areas

Chief Commissioner Hamid Ali Khan Tuesday said the Agriculture Directorate of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) would plant over one lakh saplings in the rural areas of the capital during current spring tree plantation drive. He was addressing the inaugural ceremony of spring tree plantation drive in the rural areas of the Capital. Farmers, NGOs officials, local community and director of Agriculture Directorate ICT were also present on the occasion. "Seventy five thousand saplings have been cultivated and nurtured in the nurseries of the ICT Agriculture Directorate and 25,000 plants are being provided by the Capital Development Authority and Forest Department of Rawalpindi' Chief Commissioner informed. He further said special attention would be paid to the protection of the planted saplings while survival rate of plantation would be checked regularly and moreover special prize would also be given to those responsible for saplings protection. Talking about the forests reducing situation in the country, he said forest were depleting which called for urgent measures to increase the requisite area of forests by planting maximum trees in the country to overcome the deficiency of forests and making the environment green. Talking about the species and their numbers that would be planted in current season were Olive 15,000, Shreen 4,000, Dranta 3,000, Kachnar 4,000, Guava 3,000, Jaman 13,000, Loquat 13,000, Sukhchain 3,000, Arjan 7,000, Pomegranate 10,000, Anjeer 22,000, bottle Brush 3,000, Villo 6,000, Shesham 5,000, Fedal Wood 6,000, Pine 5,000, Amaltas 8,000, Dhrek 6,000 and Grapes 15,000. According to the plantation programme he said 2,500 saplings would be planted in Rawat Union Council (UC), Sihala 4,500, Koral 6,000, Sohan 5,000, Tarlai 3,000, Kurri 4,000, Kirpa 3,500, Chirah 5,000, Tumair 4,000, Phulgaran 2,500, Bhara Kahu 4,500, Shah Allah Ditta 4,000 and 45,000 saplings would be planted at road sides and around educational institutions. Chief Commissioner Hamid Ali also urged the citizens to fully take part in the spring tree plantation drive and make it successful.

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