Gender mainstreaming in climate change projects: the case of FORM GHANA LTD. in Ghana

The Ghana Public Private Partnership for the Restoration of Degraded Forest Reserve project is implemented by FORM GHANA LTD. It has received funds from the African Development Bank and the CIF’s Forest Investment Program (FIP). The objective of the project is the restoration of degraded forest reserves by establishing a large-scale sustainable commercial forest plantation in collaboration with the Government of Ghana (GoG) through its Forestry Commission (FC). The project has been identified by the Bank as one of the cases for study under the AfDB/CIF Inclusive Climate Action Initiative. The current report introduces the methodology used for conducting the case study analysis, focusing on the different measures undertaken by the implementing organization FORM GHANA LTD. to address gender equality during the implementation of the restoration activities in the degraded forest reserves. The report includes a section on a summary of the project and gender equality statistics from Ghana and from the project regions to provide context. It includes relevant gender considerations at play in the country and project sites, providing insights on the challenges faced by women when joining the labour market in the country, and particularly when they live in rural areas.