Report by DPCC regarding air pollution by a bio-medical treatment plant, Ranhoula village, Delhi, 31/01/2020

  • 31/01/2020

Report filed by Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) in compliance of the National Green Tribunal order of November 20, 2019 in the matter of Amrita Puri Residential Colony Resident's Welfare Association Vs SMS Water Grace (P) Ltd. & Others dated January 31, 2020. Grievance in the application was causing of air pollution by burning of bio-medical waste by SMS Water Grace Pvt. Ltd. The bio-medical treatment plant was operating at Nilothi near Ranhoula village, Delhi.

M/s SMS Water Grace (P) Ltd., is one of the common bio-medical waste treatment and disposal (CBTWF) facilities operating in Delhi and is engaged in the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of biomedical waste from the health care facilities of the East, Shahdara, North East, South West, West and Central districts of Delhi.

During the inspection by the joint team of CPCB, DPCC and SDM (Punjabi Bagh) on December 27, 2019 the facility was found to be complying with the operating parameters with reference to incinerator as well as autoclave, as defined under the Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules, 2016.

Note: Report filed on March 19, 2020