Short-changed on climate change: Money, water and the people on the frontline

Climate change is affecting every aspect of life on the planet, putting the lives of the most vulnerable people under threat and multiplying risks they are already struggling with. The world urgently needs to make the shift to a low-carbon future to avoid irreversible damage to our planet. But the more we allow global temperatures to rise, the greater the impact will be felt through our water. Without access to a water service that can withstand the impacts of climate change, communities cannot be resilient to anything. Without urgent action, the amount it will cost for developing countries to adapt to the impacts of climate change that are already happening is expected to soar. Just bringing safely managed water and toilets to low and middle-income countries is predicted to cost $198 billion a year. Climate change will push this cost higher, with a further $103 billion required for flood protection. Providing safe water for an entire population, in the face of climate change is too big a challenge for developing countries to face alone.