CPCB report on industries generating trade effluent and requiring ETPs

  • 01/05/2020

Compliance report filed by the Central Pollution Control Board in the matter of OA No. 593/2017 (Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti and Others Vs Union of India & Others) in compliance of National Green Tribunal order of August 28, 2019. The report consists of compliance status of all industries generating trade effluent and requiring ETPs as reported by SPCBs/PCCs. Also river basin wise status of industrial units generating trade effluent and river basin wise status of common effluent treatment plants (CETPs).

The May 2020 report of CPCB stated that as per data received from SPCBs/PCCs, out of total 65,135 number of industries requiring ETPs, 63,108 industries are operating with functional ETPs and 2,027 industries are operating without ETPs. Show cause notices and closure directions have been issued to 968 and 881 industries, respectively for operating without ETPs. Legal cases have been filed against 7 industries and action was under process against 269 industries. Out of 63,108 operational industries, 61,346 industries are complying with environmental standards and 1,616 industries are non-compliant. CPCB informed the NGT that formats have been finalized for collection of information from concerned SPCBs/PCCs for preparation of river basin wise macro picture related to ETPs and CETPs.

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