Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding disposal of COVID-19 waste in West Bengal, 18/05/2020

  • 18/05/2020

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Subhas Datta Vs State of West Bengal & Others dated 18/05/2020 regarding non-compliance of the guidelines prescribed by the Central Pollution Control Board on handling, treatment and disposal of Bio Medical Waste of Covid-19 patient with specific reference to the Bio Medical Waste arising out of home quarantine in the State of West Bengal.

It is contended that the State Government has failed to implement the guidelines causing serious health hazard to the general public. By referring to some photographs, the applicant contends that the Covid-19 wastes are being disposed of indiscriminately in open dumping grounds.

The NGT directs the Chief Secretary, Government of West Bengal, in coordination with the concerned departments and the State Pollution Control Board to look into the matter and take tangible and urgent steps to implement the CPCB guideline on Covid-19. Further, the Chief Secretary has to submit a report on the implementation of the guidelines in the light of the observations in O.A. No. 72/2020. The State Pollution Control Board on its part has to file a separate report dealing with the implementation of the guidelines giving specific information on the manner in which Covid-19 waste is being disposed of. Both the reports needs to be filed by July 8, 2020.