Report on restoration processes in place for dumped gypsum and ground water contamination by Ashapura Perfoclay, Bhuj, Kutch district, Gujarat

  • 01/06/2020

Joint report of CPCB and GPCB on status of restoration processes in place for dumped gypsum and ground water contamination in pursuance of NGT (Principle Bench, Delhi) order of November 20, 2019 in the matter of Marvada Amrutlal Becharlal vs. State of Gujarat (O.A. No 669 of 2018).

In the said order, State PCB was directed to oversee different remedial actions initiated by the unit i.e. M/s Ashapura Perfoclay Ltd. and furnish action report in the matter.

Gypsum dumps had caused contamination of ground water with respect to ammonia, electrical conductivity and total dissolved solids. To remedy the situation, restoration processes were placed and these need to be examined by the GPCB and CPCB, said the NGT.

In accordance with the order, officials from CPCB and GPCB carried out inspection / survey of alleged gypsum dumping areas and ground water restoration processes on 31.12.2019, 05-06.02.2020 & 16.03.2020.

The inspections show that the unit was engaged in the removal of gypsum from the dumped sites and lifted the dumped gypsum from 26 out of 39 locations. However, gypsum was still found unattended on 13 locations. The unit had disposed total of 108185.48 MT gy to gypsum waste during January 2019 to February 2020, out of which 85739 MT was disposed to cement industries for co-processing and 22445.93 MT for the back filling of abandoned mines.

With regard to groundwater restoration the available records show that the unit was using fresh lime for neutralization process and had stopped using ammonia contaminated lime from GNFC and thus eliminated the source of contamination. The analysis trend of groundwater samples showed that concentration of ammonical nitrogen decreased on both the contaminated bore-wells where restoration process was in place, however the concentration levels were still significantly high.

Note: Report uploaded to the NGT site on June 9, 2020

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