Report to the NGT on groundwater withdrawal by Noida Golf Course, Uttar Pradesh, 25/02/2020

  • 25/02/2020

Action taken report in the matter of Vikrant Tongad Vs Union of India & Others in Original Application No. 25 of 2020 dated February 25, 2020. A team of assigned officers of CPCB, UPPCB, CGWA, Noida Authority, UP Jal Nigam authorized by District Magistrate inspected Noida Golf Course (NGC), Sector-43 in Noida to assess the situation of groundwater.

During inspection, five tubewells for supplying groundwater for drinking, domestic and horticulture purposes were found. Two tubewells were found dismantled and abandoned. Among the rest three, two tubewells were operational and one under maintenance. The water meters were not installed on the tubewells and log book was also not maintained for operation of tubewells - so the quantity of groundwater withdrawal cannot be known. The manager of the Noida Golf Course informed that the number of rainwater harvesting pits are 32 in number.

The CPCB in January 2020 had collected samples of rainwater harvesting boring and of the two tubewells which were operational. With respect to the quality of rainwater harvested - pH, Nitrate-N, total alkalinity, Magnesium and TDS are meeting the BIS standard for drinking water quality, however, hardness and calcium are no meeting with the criteria. Fluroide, cadmium and zinc were found within BIS standard values. But arsenic, copper, lead, chromium, nickel, iron and manganese have exceeded the BIS standard.

When it came to the quality of groundwater, the pH, Nitrate-N, fluoride were meeting the BIS standard, while total alkalinity, hardness, calcium, magnesium and TDS were not meeting the BIS standard. Presence of fecal and total coliform were detected, but not significant. All the metals, except iron was absent.

CGWA has taken cognizance of the fact that NGC does not have a valid NOC for groundwater abstraction and a show cause notice was issued in February 20, 2020. Pipeline was being laid down from STP of Sector-50, Noida to Golf Course by Noida Authority. The work of laying the pipes had been found in progress, the report added.

Note: Report uploaded to the NGT site on June 17, 2020