Report on air pollution by emission of coal dust and cement dust by operation of JP Cement factory, Churk, Sonbhadra district, Uttar Pradesh, 30/12/2019

  • 30/12/2019

Compliance report by the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) regarding air pollution by emission of coal dust and cement dust by operation of JP Cement factory and its power plant at Churk, district Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh.

During inspection, it was found that the primary and secondary coal crusher was not completely covered nor the material transfer points. Also, at the time of inspection the coal/clinker conveyor belts and transfer points were found partially damaged. Coal was being transported by railway wagon and the wagon tippler and truck unloading point were not fully covered. Water sprinkling system were provided at coal unloading point but it was not found in operation during inspection.

The unit had not installed proper Air Pollution Control System (APCS) on coal/clinker unloading tippler yard.

After inspection, the joint committee recommended in its report that the unit should strictly comply with the emission norms and ambient air quality standards as laid down under Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 and immediately take corrective measures for the prevention and control of fugitive and source emission. The unit should fully cover all the conveyor belts and transfer points of coal handling plant and clinker stacking system. The report said that unloading of coal/clinker should be started only after installation of adequate air pollution control system.

Note: Report uploaded to the NGT site on June 25, 2020

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