Report on Challiya Nala encroachment, Rehla, Vishrampur, Jharkhand, 28/01/2020

  • 28/01/2020

A report on the factual aspects and action taken by the Jharkhand State Pollution Control Board for compliance of the NGT order of December 5, 2019 in O.A. No. 162/2019 in the matter of Anwar Hussain Ansari, Vice President Jhamumo Vs State of Jharkhand. The matter related to encroachment on the Challiya Nala, Rehla. Inspection by the Circle Officer, Vishrampur has found that the encroachment was done by M/s Grasim Industries Limited, Rehla.

On the basis of the report an environmental compensation of Rs. 40,20,000 had been imposed on Grasim Industries, Rehla as per the methodology for assessing environmental compensation developed by the Central Pollution Control Board which was based on pollution index, duration of violation in terms of number of days, scale of operation in terms of micro and small/medium/large industry and location in terms of proximity to the large habitations.

Note: The report of January 28, 2020 was uploaded to the NGT site on July 13, 2020