Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding the solid waste management facility, Bainguinim taluka, North Goa, 24/09/2020

  • 24/09/2020

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Bainguinim Citizens Forum Vs Goa Waste Management Corporation & Others dated 24/09/2020. The Appeal has been preferred against environmental clearance (EC) granted in favour of Goa Waste Management Corporation on January 6, 2020 for proposed establishment of 250 TPD Solid Waste Management Facility at Bainguinim Taluka, North Goa. It was said that the project site was against the siting criteria laid down under the Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016. As against the required distance of 200 to 500 meters from the habitation, in the present case, nearest habitation was only 35 meters away.

The NGT in its ruling September 24 said that scientific waste management was needed for protection of the environment. The site in question was identified in 2006, as per applicable norms and land was acquired by the state accordingly, which was upheld by the High Court. Buffer zone was maintained and public hearing duly held. There was nothing to show that there was any construction which was pre existing, when the site was selected. Also no complaint against violation of EC conditions had been made.

Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel and Sonam Phintso Wangdi of the NGT said that - the waste management facility being necessary and the site having been duly selected, acquisition having been done for the purpose, having been upheld, no fault can possibly be found with the grant of EC. All that was required was that conditions of EC must be complied with and all environmental safeguards must be duly observed which should be monitored by the State PCB.

The NGT dismissed the appeal of the Bainguinim Citizens Forum against the waste management facility and emphasised that what was required was that the EC conditions should be duly followed and all environmenal norms observed.